The Secrocyte is a cell unlocked after completing "Scarce Conditions". It has an ability to secrete different substances.

Description Edit

The Secrocyte has tiny circles that continuously move outward from the nucleus.

Cell-Specific settings Edit

Secretion: Determines what molecule the secrocyte makes.

  • Cyanide: Kills cells via oxygen deprivation. Read more here.
  • Food Smell: Cells that smell out food will be attracted to this.
  • -S1: Removes S1 from cells.
  • -S2: Removes S2 from cells.
  • -S3: Removes S3 from cells.
  • -S4: Removes S4 from cells.
  • +S1: Adds S1 to cells.
  • +S2: Adds S2 to cells.
  • +S3: Adds S3 to cells.
  • +S4: Adds S4 to cells.